If you have a shop you can buy directly from the website! We remind you that Z Group Accessori sells only to professionals in the sector with VAT number.

Attention: if you do not register on the website you will not have access to product information (such as the price) and you will not be able to place an order.

Follow the next steps to place your first order!


1. Look for the restricted area symbol at the top right of your device

2. "Login"

3. “Don't have an account yet? Create one here now"

4. Enter all the required data in the form

5. "Save"

6. You are registered successfully!

After few seconds you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note: the initials of your country must be entered before the numerical digits, otherwise the system will not recognize the country and will not be able to verify your VAT number.

Example for Italian VAT number: IT123456789100


Follow the steps:

1. “Log in” with your reseller account

2. Select the desired quantity of each color based on the available stock

3. Check your cart on the top right: "View Cart"

4. "Proceed to checkout"

5. Check the billing and delivery address (if different)

6. "Continue"

7. Choose the payment method among those that Z Group Accessori accepts

8. Accept the terms and conditions of the service offered by Z Group Srl

9. At the top right you will see all the details of the account and if you have a discount code, enter it in the appropriate field located next to the total amount of the order

10. To complete the order, click on the button at the bottom of the "Order with payment obligation" page

11. Congratulations, your order has been confirmed!

You will then receive an email confirming the transmission of the order.


Do you want a quick restock?

Now you can send us your orders directly via WhatsApp +

Remember to give us the following information:

1. Name of your shop, VAT number, your name and your surname

2. Product codes and the desired quantity for each color chosen

The codes can be found on the website, in your previous invoice, or on the products you have already purchased.

The order will be processed shortly and the Operator will notify you of the availability of the products by sending you the pro-forma invoice.

You will be able to choose payment after agreements with the Operator, who will proceed with the shipment of your order as soon as the administration receives the payment.

To speed up the receipt of payment you can access the direct payment section

Contact us for any other information.